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“Fletcher” ICA registered TEDDY BEAR 🧸🩵

“Fletcher” ICA registered TEDDY BEAR 🧸🩵

$1,999.00 Regular Price
$1,499.00Sale Price

Meet Fletcher! 🩵 🐾

Fletcher is a delightful MALE Teddy Bear puppy, loving and gentle breed known for its fluffy coat and endearing, cuddly nature. With his soft, plush fur and warm, inviting eyes, Fletcher embodies the very essence of his breed's nickname. He is gold and white. He has a sweet disposition and a playful spirit that makes him the perfect companion for families, singles, and seniors alike. ICA registered ⭐️

Fletcher loves to snuggle!! Text us (571) 833-2641 to see if this adorable Teddy Bear puppy is the perfect fit for your family!

Credit cards accepted and financing available 💵

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